Friday, April 4, 2014


The great linguists would be turning in their grave and Hugh Grant would want to shoot himself everytime these things happen! Seriously, WE HAVE TO STOP! Please feel free to add the words that you think are shameful too. I would love to know!
  1. Like
    ref: as a sentence filler
    “Like I told him to like stop stalking me. Thats like so creepy”
    We are not American teenagers from some soap opera (judgement ALERT!). Using 'like' as a sentence filler is like so like annoying! It just defeats the purpose of having grammar in the first place.

  2. Sorry not sorry.
    First, I think this phrase came from an LMFAO song so that should be reason enough to never use it again. Keep in mind the Venn Diagram of “People who have quoted LMFAO songs” vs. “People who have gone on to be President” does not overlap. At all.You can’t apologize to someone for your lack of an apology, and that’s final.

  3. YOLO
    Seriously it isn't rocket science. For people hearing this for the first time (God bless you and the rock that you live under), YOLO – You Only Live Once. Everyone knows that. There is nothing more to life than this. By you using this word it just makes you an evident idiot!

  4. SWAG
    One word that gives the word loser a new meaning. Oh man, this is a word that I hate! It's a word that most people use when they are ... what? Better than everyone? What exactly is the meaning of 'swag'? Who knows! It isn't something that every jerk with low hanging pants can use. Actually, the users and abusers of this word should be fined, they should be asked to pull their pant up, all the way to their neck.

  5. Awesome Sauce
    If it’s awesome, then why call it a sauce? Is it not awesome simply by being the way it is? Everything is relative these days, which means your awesome sauce might be nothing more than spaghetti sauce to me. Pass the pasta, and hold the awesome sauce, pretty please?

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  1. I agree so much with this post like I totally can't express it. Your writing has so much awesome sauce that I'm like OMG. You totally live your life like YOLO not like some swag hipster.


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