Thursday, April 3, 2014

Of Sunshines and Peaches - Finale!

Yo! Kimberly! Wakey Wakey!”
Kimberly woke up with a jolt, all the while pulling her blanket to her chin. Who is there? Richard? What is he doing in my room? She looked around to make sure he wasn't around. Just then she heard it again... “Wakey Wakey sleeping beauty!”
Where the hell is this coming from,” she said exasperated and looking around frantically. Finally, she figured it was coming from outside the door. She wore her robe and was all set to give Richard the cold shoulder as soon as she opened the door. But when she did, there he was, not Richard, Amos! 

What the hell are you doing here so early in the morning? Isn't the function in the evening? What is wrong with you, jerk!”
Wakey Wakey!”
It wasn't Amos who was saying this though, the sound was coming from somewhere in his pocket. Amos was grinning as he got his cellphone out. “Wake up,” it said to her. She looked at Amos with this question mark on her face. He quietly handed her the phone and walked away. “Amos wait,” but it was too late.
Hello?” she said into the phone. But it wasn't a phone call, it was actually a recording.

She played the next clip, titled 'play once you are awake'. She pressed the button.
Well now I know you are awake. Man you do sleep a lot especially after scaring a guy. I know I walked away yesterday. But it wasn't because of what you said. Wait, it was because of what you said. You were right, I cant handle you,” the recording stopped. It was over.
Coward, she thought to herself, bloody coward. Couldn't say all this to my face so sent a damn recording. She almost threw the phone away, but then remembered it was Amos' and stopped herself. She didn't know why she was this angry, she expected him to say all this, but secretly she didn't. Just then there was another knock on the door. She answered, and there was a cute kid with another phone and a sunflower (her favourite). He took away Amos' phone from her and sauntered off, leaving her now with the other phone and the sunflower. She played the recording...
Hey! Sorry I wanted to make sure you were awake and are actually listening to me. The sunflower is for you, I know it is your favourite, and I had no help with that,” he chuckled. “Now that I have your undivided attention, let me continue. I can't handle you, because I don't like the crazy outgoing you. I like the quiet girl who spends an entire evening on the poolside reading a book and grinning away because the protagonist says something interesting, or frowns when something unexpected happens, all this while being oblivious to her surrounding. Yes I was staring, but cause you look pretty, I am not a stalker!” 
Kimberly couldn't help but smile as he went on, “I do not like the girl who keeps saying, I am pretty and I am awesome all the time to feign attitude. I like the girl who secretly blushes when someone catches her off guard with a compliment, or the girl who does not bother looking at the mirror even once, and sometimes feels shy when she does. I don't like the loud party girl, I like the girl who will plug her ipod in, with some shadiest songs that mankind has ever heard and walk around singing to herself. I don't like the girl who discusses make up and guys, I like the girl who discusses and quotes Harry Potter and secretly is in love with Iron Man! What I am trying to say here Kimberly is that I do not like the girl you are trying to be, her I can't handle, even though everyone loves her. I like the girl who you are, the fact that the sun burns your skin but sunshine still makes you smile, tells me that even though something gives you pain you will always see the positive in that. The fact that your favourite colour and fruit is peach and that you barely ever eat or wear this colour tells me that to love something you wont have to attain it.”

By now Kimberly was sobbing as she does when she watches the climax of Titanic. Every single time.
About the other things you told me, I can handle them. If you trust me, I can handle all of your insecurities. You're not a monster Kimberly, you're a beautiful woman who is being herself. It isn't wrong to be extremely guarded about the person you love. I know all of this stuff sounds like the stuff you heard from other guys. But I will say, I can handle you, in all your glory.”

The recording stopped. Richard's voice still lingered in the air. Kimberly's tears hadn't stopped. Just then there was another bell. This time it was Racheal's younger sister, she gave Kimberly a long hug, took the phone and handed her a letter.


This hug is what I wanted to give you last night, but didn't know if I could. I understand your pain, though I cant say if I can feel it. But if you allow me, I would like to help you, feel your pain and take care of you. You are a strong woman Kimberly, and more than you I might need to be taken care of, I am a big baby. So here it is, the big question, do you mind giving us a chance? I need someone like you to keep me grounded. I promise not to run away, not to be bored, not read one book but not stop you from reading and I promise you how many ever hugs you want for as long as you want.

If you would like to agree, it is very simple. This evening, for my dance sequence I need a partner, so just come put your hand in mine and we will dance the night away. If not, well no option, I need a partner.


The spotlight was on Richard, the music started. He started dancing, and then extended his hand. Kimberly put her hand in his, as he pulled her close, she said...

Let's do this, you big baby!”
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  1. A lot of the writer in the story and a happy ending. What more could one ask for?


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