Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Of Sunshines and Peaches - Part V

"Hi Richard, this is Kimberly..."
"Look I'm sorry. I know what I did was absolutely wrong. And leaving you there wasn't something that I should've done. I..."
"It is done Kimberly. You did it and that's that."
"No Richard! I know you're angry and you should be too. I just panicked. I knew what you were going to say. I mean I assumed and well it wasn't something I was ready to hear. I'm sorry!"
"You know Kimberly, you're the first woman who is playing hard to get and is apologising for it. It's ok. Whatever!"
"Look I know it isn't okay. Could you meet me on the rooftop sometime post dinner? Please?"
"What's the point?"
"Please Richard..."

Kimberly knew she liked him. But she also knew that she couldn't take this ahead. She knew she had to end it. She wouldn't have looked back, wouldn't have called him. But something made her do it. Something she buried a long time ago. Here she was on the rooftop, waiting for him, pacing, looking around. What was she going to say to him?

"Hi. Thanks for coming"
"You did call me here. Which tells me that you won't run away again."
"Look I'm sorry about that. I just didn't know what to do. I panicked and I ran away. But not away from you, from the feeling that you brought into my life. Please sit down..."

While Richard sat down, Kimberly poured some coffee that she had brought up in a thermos.

"Look Richard. I was in love. A while ago, actually it has been a long time. That didn't turn out so well. It broke me. I won't bore you with the details. Coming out of it wasn't easy. In the bargain I lost out on a lot. My ability to trust was the main thing. But that's not the reason why I keep walking or rather running away from this feeling," she was trying hard not to break down. She hadn't spoken to anyone about this, but somehow she felt that it was important for him to know.
"I am not this girl you see or you've been out with. I'm a loner. I love being by myself. I am not fun all the time, I have major mood swings and more than anything, a relationship or even the feeling of it makes me a monster. I turn into this insecure person. A possessive person who is very difficult to be with. So I avoid all this, also because I don't think anyone should go through the nonsense that I spout. There have been people after him Richard, all of them promise they will deal with it, but very soon they can't. They get bored of me and then that's it. I can't do that again. You're amazing, funny and extremely good looking. I did like spending time with you alone. That's the reason why I ran away I couldn't go through it again and I didn't want you to either. So, now you know," she said as she held back tears.

"Are you done?" Richard asked. Kimberly nodded. He stood up and walked away.

Kimberly knew he would, but secretly hoped he wouldn't. Hope, something Kimberly still had once in a while. She walked back to her room, this time as slow as she possibly could. Still hoping...
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