Monday, May 19, 2014

Crushes and blushes!

Crushes was a thing for grown ups, all these words and phrases weren't explained to me when I had my first crush. It was love, love at first sight. A love that would last a lifetime. A love that I knew was true, was stronger than anything I knew. A love that would make me rhyme, oh well what the hell, it even made me mime. I saw him for the first time playing football, he looked so nice. Shorts and a tshirt, running around kicking the ball, making it look so tough, like he was doing such a huge task.

I was sitting on the sidelines looking at him playing, thinking oh how I wish I knew something about kicking balls (see what I did there?). I wanted to play with him and the other guys too. But what to do, I was relatively weak, small and thin. I would've been bludgeoned to the ground, hurt myself and died even before he even looked at me.
But then something happened, he stopped playing. He looked up, and around. Then his eyes came and stopped on me. I was surprised, I looked around, there wasn't anyone there really. I rubbed my eyes and looked at him again, yes, he was looking at me. He smiled, I did too! He started walking towards me, I turned back to check if now there was someone else behind me. No this couldn't be happening, he couldn't be walking towards me. But he was actually, it was me he was looking at.

I started walking too, straight towards him. Looking at him, falling in love with every step. His eyes, his hair, his shorts, the sweat, everything! We were close, it wasn't that long a walk. We were gazing at each other, he came closer and I did too. Then I kissed him, his cheek felt so hard and smooth, like... glass! Yup, I had kissed the TV screen for the 100th time, and his name was Shahrukh Khan!

C'mon. Tell me about your first crush! I'll post it on my blog. 
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  1. She was beautiful. A look at her reminded me of everything good in life. She looked amazing in azure and made all the right sounds. My dearest windows 98


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