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My Prince Charming... Or Something Like That...

He’ll drink slowly and smoothly and out of a mug. It’ll be early and he’ll like the morning. He’ll make extra and he’ll grind and scoop and pour and repeat. It’ll be hot and dark and he’ll let me have the first sip. He’ll leave some room and sit in the hour with me because he’ll know it’s my favorite thing. He won’t want it to end and neither will I and so I won’t remind him.

He’ll like the cold. He’ll like to share his fingers and toes with me because they’ll be warmer no matter how hard I try and so I'll let him. I’ll tuck your arm over and into his and then I’ll forget that the icy grounds and winds and skies are my perimeter.

He’ll be patient and he’ll listen and he’ll look forward to the sound of my voice. He’ll remember the edges of my smallest conversations and he’ll save them in a safe spot just in case. He’ll interrupt the quiet when it’s time to take turns and the seams will be hidden underneath and they’ll never show. I’ll look forward to the sentences he threads together. He’ll lace them up and they’ll be gentle and strong and like him. And he won’t know how good he is.

He’ll like to run. He’ll leave for minutes and hours and down long empty roads. He’ll come back though. His strides will reach further than mine. He’ll be faster and his speed will keep me going. We’ll move together and forward and for ourselves and for each other. His feet will touch the pavement and then they’ll float and the pattern will pace me. He’ll keep moving and so will I and it will be so beautiful.

He’ll fall asleep early and with his dog-eared book buried in the sheets we share. His eyes will scan and I’ll read his face and the walls and then the silent seconds will overflow the room. He’ll read the pages that chase each other to the end and I’ll meet him there. And then he’ll breathe and you won’t mind the noise and the ins and outs will reach the tips of your shoulders. I’ll fall asleep to the rhythm he sets and when I wake up, it’ll be right where you left it and he’ll be there too and it won’t be a dream.

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  1. "I’ll fall asleep to the rhythm he sets and when I wake up, it’ll be right where you left it and he’ll be there too and it won’t be a dream."

    What a wonderful quote. I see a brainyquote section for Kannagi soon!